Clarke Equine Wellness and Performance - Staff

Tracey Huff serves as primary veterinary assistant for the practice. She joined Dr. Rode in 2002 after 20 years of working with Thoroughbreds at nearby Audley Farm. She and her husband, Buster, still reside at Audley Farm where Buster serves as yearling manager. The retired foxhunter Tracey cared for over the years (a leopard Appaloosa named Bandit who once won the North American Foxhunting Championship) resided at Clarke Equine and served as the practice mascot. Bandit passed away peacefully in the fall of 2013. Tracey will never be allowed to retire.

Alison Rode serves as office manager. She and Dr. Rode have been married for 35 years and she has assisted directly in the practice since 1998. A former trainer, instructor and dressage and event rider, she retired to the less risky life of administration while she and Dr. Rode raised their two children, Nathan and Amelia. Now both kids are grown, out of the house and pursuing their own successful (non-veterinary) careers. But Alison still has her hands full keeping tabs on Dr. Rode and the rest of the practice.

Harry provides hours of comic relief and gives all out going mail his stamp of approval along with a little cat hair.

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